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Have a great recipe? Converted a recipe that really shows the Cook Processor’s strengths? Whilst we love developing recipes, we have seen some amazing creations online since the release of the Cook Processor and we would love to feature your recipe. If approved, we’ll contact you and test the recipe, then feature you as a guest on the front of the blog as well as post your recipe to our Facebook Page.

Please note. Recipes submissions should be specific to the Kitchenaid Cook Processor. Recipe instructions should include Cook Processor parts needed as well as temperature, time and speed needed during each step.

Converted recipes must link back to original source. Please fill out the appropriate field below. We will follow this link wherever possible to ensure appropriate recognition is given.

If you would like to submit a photo, please let us know in the form below. Please note, any photos submitted may be used on the site. Unless asked not to, your name will be used as the author of the submitted recipe.

For general enquiries, please visit our Contact Page.

To submit, please fill out all fields below.

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